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Hello friends of KM and potential prospects!

Our Tuesday 1/9 meeting was successful with over 20 peeps in the room with great interest and awesome ideas. All expressed a collective desire to enter the “get to know one another” icebreaker phase.

There is a mixture of newly engaged, newly married, some married for awhile, some expecting and many with families already!  With varying ‘degrees of separation’ to KM, some members at other communities and others looking for their “new” community, Rabbi emphasized that the group’s focus is on Community not on DUES. 🙂

Thursday February 21, 2013 @ 830pm.
LOCATION to be finalized soon.

There was an announcement about good seed money to subsidize the costs for all our events to cover food/drinks and pay for room rentals, etc. While the dollar amount wasn’t emphasized, it is very comfortable for us to worry about quality programming. 🙂

There were some solid ideas for future events including:
– Bowling and beers at Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood or locally in SM
– Home-based chill parties with hired bartender (and/or catered)
– Dinner & Wine Pairing table-jumping event
– Renting restaurant / bar for mixer
– Poker night with dealers & bartender! (thanks to Baruch Rothenberg for offering his Poker Tourney award to the group!)
– Sushi Making Evening
– Family Weekend at Brandeis-Bardin in Simi Valley (March 1-3, 2013 –
– Tu B’shvat Family Festival at Shalom Institute (

For communication, I’ll continue emailing those interested. For those on Facebook, we started a secret closed group to respect privacy. Friend me on Facebook ( and I’ll add you to the group ( if interested. There was interest to use this to facilitate comm with the group and get more organic gatherings together in between the 3-4 events we’ll plan throughout the year.

For now, feel free to hit me up via cell/text at 818-212-9201 or email as home base. I will serve as our interim ‘Love Boat’ Julie to manage comm/organize/track events/get dollars, HOWEVER, my goal will be for me to help jumpstart the group, and then each of us as couples take a turn at planning an event. For those who want to volunteer their home for a future meeting or be a part of the “planning committee” of a future event, please let me know.

Thank you for your interest in the group.

Jeremy Broekman



If you and your spouse/partner would like to join the Young Couples Group, or would like to participate in the planning committee, please contact or call 310-829-0566.