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Vision & Curriculum

Programs (including Shabbat Programming)


RS Classes 2nd-7th Grade:      

2 Sundays a month, 1 Saturday a month, every Tuesday afternoon.

First Day of School: Sunday, August 30th at 9am. (See dates below).


Tuesday afternoons from 4-6pm. First Day of School: Tuesday, September 1st at 4pm.


Religious School 2015-16 update!

Introducing Our New Mitzvot and Ohr L’Olam Religious School Program

Sharone Weizman, Director of EducationPhoto by THOMAS CELONA

This year our 2nd-7th Grade Religious School sessions will be offered 2 Sundays a month, 1 Saturday a month and Tuesday afternoons. These additional Sunday experiences will allow our students to focus on different Mitzvot from the Torah each session with a learning component with teachers in the classroom, rotating to various stations, followed by school-wide Mitzvah experiences either in the building or on location. Through this interactive program our students will learn by “doing” God’s Mitzvot. In the classroom we will use art, drama, music and chevrutah study and we will combine that with carrying out Mitzvot in the community with confidence and pride. (Happily, the community activities will fulfill our students’ service learning requirement for their public school curriculum.) Possible community activities include: Making care packages for IDF soldiers, visiting with children in hospitals, singing and visiting with seniors, helping to clean up beaches and till gardens, helping to clothe and feed the hungry, and preparing school supplies for inner city students. Our goal is to instill our students with core Jewish values and Mitzvot and to show how these values add meaning and depth to both Jewish holidays and day-to-day Jewish life.

Important RS Dates:

Sunday, August 30 – First Sunday of Religious School (RS) and Parent Orientation, 9:00 am at KM

Tuesday, Sept.1 – First Tuesday of RS, 2nd-7th Grade, 3:45 pm and K-1, 4:00 pm at KM

Tuesday, Sept 8 –RS, 2nd-7th Grade, 3:45 pm and K-1, 4:00 pm at KM

Tuesday, Sept. 14 and 15 – Rosh Hashanah Children and Teen Programming at the Olympic Collection

Sunday, Sept. 20 – First Sunday Mitzvah and Ohr L’Olam Program, 9:30 am -12:30 pm at Adat Shalom (located at 3030 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034)

Tuesday, Sept. 23 – Yom Kippur Children and Teen Programming at the Olympic Collection

Sunday, Sept. 27 – Family Sukkot Program and Lunch, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm at KM


Sharone Weizman, M.Ed.
Director of Education




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KM Religious School 2015-16/5776 Brochure