ChaiLights – Yafit Josephson

Yafit Josephson, 4th-7th Hebrew Teacher


Shalom Parents,

We are off to a great start in both of my 4th/5th and 6th/7th Hebrew classes. This year, we are starting each class with practicing conversational Hebrew so students can start engaging in day-to-day conversations with you, their teachers and their KM friends. Each week, the students are introduced to new Hebrew words and they practice talking by improvising conversations in Hebrew with one another. I encourage you to practice speaking Hebrew with your students as well.

For example, you can ask your son/daughter:

“Shalom, ma shlomcha” (Hello, how are you?) When asking your son.

“Shalom, ma shlomech” (Hello, how are you?) When asking your daughter.

“Ani Tov” (I’m good)

“Ani Tov M’od” (I’m very good)

“Ani Me’tzooyan” (I’m excellent)

“Ani Lo Tov” (I’m not good)

“Ani Kacha Kacha” (I’m so so)

“Shana Tova & Hag Sameach” (Have a good year & a happy holiday)

“Toda” (Thank you)

“Le’hitraot” (See you again)

“Be’vakasha” (Please/You welcome)

In addition, we learned how to say different objects in our classroom, such as:

“Shoolchan” (Table)

“Ki’se” (Chair)

“Shati’ach” (Carpet)

“Delet” (Door)

“Loo’ach” (Whiteboard)

“Kir” (Wall)

“Pach” (Garbage Can)

We spent some time so far reviewing all the letters and vowels, as well as practicing reading words and sentences from our prayers. This past Tuesday, we started reviewing the prayers we learned last year while playing fun games. The 4th/5th class reviewed the “Shema”, “Barchu” and “Mi Chamocha”, and the 6th/7th class reviewed the “Aleynu” and “Hatikva”.

I’m very excited to teach your children Hebrew this year and I look forward to a fun and meaningful school year. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or concerns. Wishing you and your families “Shana Tova” and “Hag Sameach”.


Yafit Josephson