ChaiLights – Neomi Nemanim

Neomi Nemanim – 2nd/3rd Hebrew and 6th/7th Hebrew/T’fillah


Shalom parents,

Now that we’ve settled into the year, I’m even more impressed with the kids and very pleased with their progress. We have formed a special community, made great friends and are enjoying our time together. The kids love to work in groups and are really blossoming in class, which is wonderful to see.

In regards to their reading.. we’ve learned so many new letters:

the lamed




and hay…

We’ve also learned the “o” and the “a” and now we can create and read many words and even some sentences. Words such as:

“Shemesh” = sun

“Geshem” = rain

“Degel” = flag


Adam yeled gadol = Adam is a big boy

Yesh li degel = I have a flag

I love that everyone is learning at their own pace, and isn’t being pressured into a reading level, but rather settling into one on their own; while still making great progress. Everyone is taking to the material very well. It is fun to watch them learn and grow and I look forward to many more sessions together.

If you have any questions or want to give me any feedback, I’d love to hear from you. Please give me a call at 310.498.9044 or email me at

Each week I’m sending home reading material to practice what they learned so please be sure they’re reviewing this at home.

See you in school 🙂

Neomi Nemanim