ChaiLights – Livya Howard-Yashar

Livya Howard-Yashar – 4th/5th and 6th/7th Hebrew/T’fillah


Dear parents,

So far, we are off to a great start in both my fourth and fifth and sixth and seventh grade advanced Hebrew classes. Whether students are continuing to work on their Hebrew reading skills, or starting to prepare for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, I wanted to start off the semester getting students engaged in spoken Hebrew so they have a better grasp of what they are reading and reciting in prayer. In both my Hebrew classes, we have been practicing basic Hebrew expressions and are learning the foundation for engaging in everyday conversations.

You might try asking your son “Ma shlomcha hayom?”, or “Ma shlomech hayom?” to your daughter, which means, “How are you today?”. They should be able to respond with a variety of answers including:

“Ani beseder”  (I’m ok)

“Ani tov m’od” (I’m really good)

“Ani lo tov”     (I’m not so great)

“Ani kacha kacha” (I’m so so)

We have also been reviewing Hebrew vowels that most of the students have learned previously, and will continue to delve into Hebrew prayer and vocabulary.

I am looking forward to seeing the growth and progress of each and every student in my Hebrew classes, and send my wishes for a sweet and healthy new year to everyone and their families!