ChaiLights – Livya Howard-Yashar

Livya Howard-Yashar – 4th/5th and 6th/7th Hebrew/T’fillah


Dear parents,

This past month, both my fourth/fifth and sixth/seventh grade classes have continued to expand their knowledge of everyday spoken Hebrew and T’fillah. They are starting to connect new vocabulary words to the language in their prayer books, gaining a greater concept of the overall meaning of the prayer. Both classes have been introduced to both the masculine and feminine forms, and are learning to identify different Hebrew articles and conjugation.

In both of my classes we start off each session with about 10 minutes of conversational Hebrew where our students are speaking to each other through improv and basic greetings. Following our conversational Hebrew segment, we play Around the World, a great game which allows for reading practice, review and decoding words that either they can recognize or completely new words. Each day when we work on the new prayer we play an interactive game. In this way we are utilizing our prayer packets and reading prayers but keeping the learning active and fun.

My fourth and fifth grade class have been focusing on the prayers Yismechu Hashamayim, V’Ahavta, and Ma Tovu, learning about the significance of each prayer. My sixth and seventh graders have begun to learn Ein Kamocha, and the opening of the Torah service. We continue to review prayers and Hebrew songs with Gidon each week, who brings music and creativity to each prayer and session.

I am looking forward to the progress of each and every student and hope that they each begin to establish a more personal relationship with T’fillah and God.

Please know that I am always available to answer any questions that you may have. Each week we send home the prayer packets with our students with the expectation of each child reading for at least 30 minutes a week. Please remember it is our school policy to ensure our students are reading at least 30 minutes each week from their prayer packets at home.

Thank you,