ChaiLights – Hila Robas

Hila Robas, 2nd/3rd and 6th/7th Judaica


Dear Parents,

It has been wonderful teaching our 2nd/3rd Grade students so far! Together with my wonderful madrichim, we are building relationships with each child and learning about each student on a deeper level, sharing our values and experiences.

This past month was very exciting. We had the high holidays, Sunday programming, which were all filled with fun and meaningful, varied activities.

For Simchat Torah, we made an edible Torah which helped us learn about all the items in the Torah. We played a fun Simchat Torah board game quiz with dice. Simchat Torah taught us its rituals, customs, and the mitzvah of rejoicing in the Torah.

This past month with Simchat Torah we began the book of Breshit (Genesis) as teaching the 5 books of Moses (Torah) and Values is a major part of the 2nd/3rd grade Judaica curriculum. We played a matching game to explore the Creation Story and learned about Parashat Noah through a game activity, filled with interesting tasks and discussions. And for the cherry on top, we built Noah’s ark. Noah’s story taught us about values like Faith (Emuna), Ometz Lev (Courage), staying true to our beliefs and values (doing the right thing), and being Righteous (tzadik). The students love our classroom activities and enjoy the learning process.

This past month, we also began a Mitzvah Tree project that will include all the Mitzvot our children will learn throughout the year and their favorite Mitzvot to display on the tree.

We will soon venture into learning all about Israel… I’m looking forward to discovering new things about each child in my class. I hope they are enjoying their learning with me as much as I am enjoying learning from each and every one of them!


Hila Robas