Sights and Sounds

of Kehillat Ma’arav

The Kehillat Ma’arav community is vibrant, active and friendly. The videos, photographs and songs below provide a glimpse into some of the diverse synagogue activities that our members have enjoyed. Jump down to:


Adon Olam from Cantor Samuel Cohen.


Kel Melech Yoshev

The Jewish New Year is once again upon us.  Click HERE for a recording by the KM Choir of a reflective piece of music that they have been preparing to chant during Yom Kippur.  It is a prelude to the stirring “13 Attributes,” which you can find on page 454 of our Mahzor.  I hope the piece both enhances our services for the community and moves you personally.  We welcome you to listen to the melody (click here) and sing along with the lyrics (Click here for songsheet).  Come to services prepared and ready to participate.

I wish all of you a happy, healthy and sweet New Year!

~Cantor Sam Cohen







KM “3rd Street 2nd Night” – Hanukkah ceremony on Third Street Promenade

KM “Exodus” – a school field trip to learn about Passover