Executive Director Kathie Rose

Kathie Rose is our Executive Director. Born and raised in Los Angeles, her interest in business and finance led her to enroll in synagogue management courses at the University of Judaism (now AJU). She then studied fundraising at UCLA and served as the Assistant to the Executive Director of University Synagogue until the end of 1999, when she joined Kehillat Ma’arav. Kathie believes that being connected to a synagogue community adds meaning to people’s lives and is committed to making it possible for anyone to be a member of KM.

In addition to overseeing the day-to-day operations of KM, Ms. Rose is a clinically trained and highly skilled Registered Nurse, having worked as an emergency room RN. Kathie’s training and experience in the emergency room further developed her innate patience, and sharpened her uncanny ability to remain calm and collected in any situation. When talking with Kathie, one senses that nothing can rattle her, nothing can discourage her. It is a rare talent indeed.

Ms. Rose currently serves on the national Board of Governors of NAASE (North American Association of Synagogue Executives), and is a past President and Treasurer of PATA (Professional Association of Temple Administrators).

Outside of her work, Kathie is an endurance athlete and competes in marathons and charitable century rides for competitive cyclists. She is happily married to Phil, the love of her life, and they make their home in Culver City.

You may reach Ms. Rose by calling the synagogue office or by e-mailing her.