Mission Statement

To foster a welcoming, participatory Jewish community rooted in God, Torah, and Israel that strengthens our tradition and identity through educational, religious, and spiritual growth.

Who We Are

“L’Dor Va Dor”
Kedusha – Prayer Book

We’re a congregation of almost 300 families. With our ages ranging from birth to 94, we truly embody the meaning of l‘dor va dor, “from generation to generation.”

“Do not separate yourself from the community”
Rabbi Hillel, Pirkei Avot 2:5

We are the only conservative synagogue in Santa Monica, yet the 39 zip codes in which our members live span far beyond Santa Monica’s borders.

“Build Me a community that I may dwell among you”
Exodus, 25:8

We’re a welcoming community where you don’t get lost; your face is known to many and you know many faces.

What We Seek

“Get Wisdom, Gain Understanding”
Proverbs 4:5

Striving to achieve the Jewish ideal of being a light unto the nations, we offer the following classes, ranging from K-Adult.

Education Center: Students from K-11 gain a deep understanding of their Jewish identity by studying: culture, music, Torah, history and Hebrew in our fully accredited Builders of Jewish Education (BJE) Religious School.

A Bar or Bat mitzvah doesn’t mark the end of a Jewish education; rather it’s the start of another chapter. Children can join our teen Havurah, United Synagogue Youth (USY,) participate in Community Service and Family Education Programs.

Adult Education: From Rabbi Gotlieb’s weekly classes, to our “Distinguished Speaker’s Series,” to studying for B’nai Mitzvah with the cantor, to Holiday Workshops and Havurah, through learning we form ties that sustain us throughout our lives.