2.a.iii-Executive-Director-_KMW5026-199x300KATHIE ROSE, Executive Director

To stand with Israel in Israel is an honor. To do it with your community is a true gift. From November 9-18, I, along with Rabbi Gotlieb, Cantor Cohen, and our Youth Director, Cindy Roth, shared an incredible, enriching, joyful, and educating time with fellow travelers from KM and beyond: Lucy and Alan Fein, Rabbi Richard and Sharon Hammerman, Rabbi Mark and Risa Hyman, Rabbi Barry and Judy Kenter, Joel Krischer, Gail Neiman, Carmella and Nissan Pardo, and David Wilzig. Together, we traveled from south to north, starting in Tel Aviv for two nights, heading north to the welcoming Conservative Kibbutz Hannaton, spending the night in Kfar Blum, viewing the intersection of Israel, Lebanon, and Syria, and then ascending to Jerusalem for four nights, including Shabbat.

(details and pictures after the jump!)

In between, we experienced Old Jaffa and the Rabin Center, and toured Atlit, a British detention center for refugees. We saw (and sang) at the  remarkable excavation city of Beit Shean. We shopped at the Naot Shoe Factory where they were happy to see us and drank at a winery in the beautiful north. In the south, we had lunch and toured a school where the children sang and danced and the shelters had flowers painted on them. We spent time with the young deputy mayor of Sderot and  overlooked  Gaza.

Highlights of the trip included a visit to an army base in Ashkelon where we met with young IDF soldiers and presented them with gifts from our religious school as well as hip clothing for the women. A double rainbow made it even more special.  They were so appreciative that if the delivery was all we did, it would have been enough. I can’t wait to return.