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Chi-Ya! We had a wonderful time at our recent Kadima Krav Maga event. Instructor Jarrett Arthur led a discussion on how to protect and defend oneself before the kids got down to practicing. An hour wasn’t enough! Enjoy a few pictures of our kids hard at work.




Welcome to our newest members, whom we will honor on December 13, 2014 at a New Member Shabbat. They will have a group Aliyah and receive a special blessing that morning. Join us for services at 9:30am followed by a Kiddush Luncheon, where you will have the opportunity to meet and greet them. We are delighted that the following members have joined our community:

Morley & Deborah Berenbach
Susan Bernstein
Rahel Bogale and family
Oscar Bolanos, Dana Hagooli and family
Alan and Jami Castel and family
Melodee Eva-Zacchara & Cody Powers
Vadim Eydel and family
Homa Harounian
Mark Hirschberg, Brenda Ligorsky and family
Harvey Kern & Ann Hayman
Dave Klevens, Cheryl Lorenzo and family
Daniel and Michelle Levi and family
Jacqueline Markus-Elgrably and Moshe Ayal Elgrably and family
Jennifer Merrow
Emma Ramey
David Shapendonk & Marla Rubin
Ian & Julie Slater and family



2.a.iii-Executive-Director-_KMW5026-199x300KATHIE ROSE, Executive Director

To stand with Israel in Israel is an honor. To do it with your community is a true gift. From November 9-18, I, along with Rabbi Gotlieb, Cantor Cohen, and our Youth Director, Cindy Roth, shared an incredible, enriching, joyful, and educating time with fellow travelers from KM and beyond: Lucy and Alan Fein, Rabbi Richard and Sharon Hammerman, Rabbi Mark and Risa Hyman, Rabbi Barry and Judy Kenter, Joel Krischer, Gail Neiman, Carmella and Nissan Pardo, and David Wilzig. Together, we traveled from south to north, starting in Tel Aviv for two nights, heading north to the welcoming Conservative Kibbutz Hannaton, spending the night in Kfar Blum, viewing the intersection of Israel, Lebanon, and Syria, and then ascending to Jerusalem for four nights, including Shabbat.

(details and pictures after the jump!)

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Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 2.02.15 PMMANNY BAKER, President

On November 3, 2014, the Supreme Court heard arguments concerning the right of an American citizen, 12-year old Menachem Zivotofsky, to list his place of birth as Jerusalem, Israel, on his US passport. Somehow, the notion that Jerusalem was identified as part of Israel raised alarms with the State Department, and they denied the request. The Zivotofskys sued and lost. The decision was appealed, but upheld by the DC Circuit Court.  A further appeal was made to the Supreme Court, and the case was heard on November 3. The decision is likely to come down in 2015, and the LA Times reported on November 4 that the conservative justices appeared favorable to the Zivotofsky appeal, while the liberal judges supported the administration. The wild card apparently will be Justice Kennedy. Incidentally, the three Jewish justices appeared to be sympathetic to the government’s case, and not to Zivotofsky.

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Cantor Samuel Cohen - Kehillat Ma'arav Westside CongregationCANTOR SAMUEL COHEN

Recently, we had a Bar Mitzvah at KM and the celebrant asked, “Why become Bar Mitzvah with a service when one automatically becomes Bar Mitzvah just by turning 12 or 13?” The student then went on to explain what it meant to him to become a Bar Mitzvah. This got me thinking: why did I become a cantor? Why does a lawyer become a lawyer, a doctor a doctor? Did I become a cantor because my father was a cantor or my grandfathers were both cantors? Because my two older brothers are cantors? Surely it is not only because of my family history?

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